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Karaoke Rental“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey is by far the most popular karaoke song. What’s your favorite? Karaoke can be a great addition to any event.

Looking for something fun to do with your employees at your company holiday party? What about your husband’s surprise 50th birthday? You can never go wrong with Karaoke! Our Karaoke Host will be equipped with over 5000 songs to choose from. Your Karaoke Host will also DJ before & after each singer. This way there are no gaps in the entertainment.

Each Karaoke package includes a 20 inch flat screen, 2 microphones, Mic Stand, FULL music library (including original versions), Two Speakers, Mixer, and most important, Your Karaoke DJ. Grab the mic and lets here those vocals, it’s Karaoke time!!

We also offer Karaoke Rentals!!

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Did you know that “Karaoke” is Japanese for “Empty Orchestra”?